Manual Town catfish Takaoka Iron (japan import) [00055797] - €15.58 : Illuminazione per bambini, Giocattoli prima infanzia, Marsupi, Cambio del pannolino, Sport e giochi allaperto -

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Manual Town catfish Takaoka Iron (japan import)


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It is a catfish of manual Town-paperweight fish series. The manual Town of fish we. use as a manual Town is of course. is popular as a small object with a feeling of weight to the other. He gives the charm full. even soften slowly and carefully cute expression. It is a catfish of popularity. As you use it for work creation time. has been produced on the basis of the design with the dignity and moderate weight. Utility value Paperweight calligraphy for paperweight. general. and so on. pressing the sewing is high. it is very convenient and there is one. In vanity case. it is paper weight of the best catfish for a present.
Takaoka copperware Omori Takashi work
Made from iron
Paper boxed
18 x width 107 x depth 34mm height
Weight 130g

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